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A client's story

Counselling with Mandy changed my life in the most unexpected and unanticipated ways and I will forever be grateful for what Mandy has done for me. I had a feeling that I should go to counselling for a long time but I felt fearful about confronting my issues and I was very fearful of change. I initially started counselling because I had several miscarriages and I still haven’t been able to have a successful pregnancy and I wanted to find a way to get rid of the pain that this caused me. Counselling didn’t get rid of this pain, but it gave me so much confidence and made me realise that I wanted and needed to make changes in other aspects of my life. I had been stuck in a rut for a long time due to my fertility struggles and, although of course counselling wasn’t able to fix this, it gave me a way to become unstuck and have the confidence to change the things that are in my control and shine a light on the positive things in my life. Although I have always seen the pros of counselling, I always thought that it was positive for others and I waited until I was in a desperate situation to seek for help. Now I think that counselling should be normalised and that counselling can be really useful for anybody who is open to it and willing to be vulnerable and engage with it, and that everyone should try counselling long before they get into a desperate situation. I had bought into the idea that counselling was for when you were “broken” and that I wasn’t worth putting that investment into myself, but it isn’t the case – counselling is an important way to show self love and care for yourself, same as you would go to the gym or have a good diet.  I am now the happiest that I have been in 5 years and hopeful for everything going forward, and I know that I can return to counselling in the future if/when I need it.

Thank you so so much, I cannot put in to words the affect that you have had on my life.

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