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I have been on a long and very deep counselling journey thanks to Mandy.

 I have learnt that the more time I've spent in sessions with Mandy the safer I felt to really open up and go to some scary places because I felt safe enough to do so for the first time in my life. 

This has been an incredible journey of healing and growth and I'm so grateful to Mandy as I could never have done this on my own

Female counselling client 50

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It’s difficult attempting to put into words just how revealing and vital it was reaching out to Mandy and counselling in general. I was ashamed at the thought of me needing counselling. The only brief previous attempts I had with counselling didn’t leave me with any confidence.
With Mandy’s help I can now understand a lot clearer and it was the first time in my life I had looked at me.

Male counselling client 47


Mandy's style and approach is so different from mine - positively the best thing I could have had in a trainer!! Her focus on the emotional, on the artistic, and the clinical skill really challenged me, but in the most powerful and positive ways. 

All of those things are so important, but I feel more that it is Mandy's personality, integrity, and humanity that increases the value of her teaching so hugely. She is scrupulously fair, honest and open; she brings herself into the room, and is not afraid to be open about her own pain or weaknesses. These are all deeply courageous and impressive things.



I wasn’t sure counselling would be for me but after a couple of sessions I wished I’d gone sooner. Talking through what’s on my mind helps me take a step back and see from different perspectives. It has improved my communication with family members and given me a more positive mindset when dealing with day to day life. I always leave my session feeling like a weight has been lifted.

Female counselling client, 27


Mandy's style of supervision is nurturing and warm, something I definitely appreciated since I was a student on placement when we started working together. There was no hierarchy, just a judgement-free space where I could be authentically and unashamedly, me.

Something I liked about working with Mandy was that she didn't always give me the answers to my questions; instead she guided me to work out what I thought. I found Mandy's teaching experience to be massively beneficial too. She'd introduce me to theory that I'd not come across and that really helped me to look at my client work from a different perspective. When I asked Mandy to challenge me, that's what I got; when I asked for space to offload, that's what I go too.



I believe Mandy was integral at helping me to talk and leading me to the way of understanding and self analysis.

I had been living with born character traits that I had no knowledge of and that alone and combined with other issues was making life extremely difficult and confusing.

I can’t really explain what it’s meant to my life and the huge difference it has made, apart from saying it was positively life changing.Thank you so much.

Male counselling client 47


Mandy is an excellent listener and is able to adapt her support to meet my needs from one session to the next. She brings a wealth of experience and insights to our sessions and as a consequence she can use these to help me progress even when I’m faced with difficult situations. She has helped me understand myself better and given me tools to use on a day to day basis.

Recently our on line sessions have enabled us to continue our relationship without me feeling that I’m missing anything from our face to face meetings. In essence the rapport has been maintained throughout.

Mandy was recommended to me by a friend and I in turn would have no hesitation in recommending Mandy as a counsellor to others.

Male counselling client, 67


I have been in therapy with Mandy for nearly a year.  She has helped me uncover and confront some substantial traumas, at my own pace, in a safe and trusting environment.  Mandy is supportive and is guiding me to work through the various situations.  She ensures I am left safe at the end of each session.

Female counselling client, 48


Mandy is a very professional person, the environment that she provides both in the setting and from the human perspective, enables you to feel comfortable, allowing one to gain the most benefit from each session.

Mandy has an extensive knowledge and wide experience. Having a counsellor with this breadth of experience is a great benefit. One can be assured that her priority is the client. 

I approached counselling at a time of crisis, over a period of time I have become aware of how it can be used to manage the ‘crisis’ by providing relief at those pressured times. I continue to use this service, to develop my self awareness and learn how to manage my own emotional needs better in future relationships. 

Counselling has been of considerable benefit to me.

My personal preference is for face to face communication, though our on line sessions during 2020 proved successful and provided continuity.

Male counselling client, 59

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