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I offer face to face, online and telephone counselling.
My fees are £50 per session. Sessions usually last between 50 and 60 minutes.
At present I am providing all of my sessions remotely. I work from home but I ensure that I have a safe, confidential space. However, if we do face an interruption, I will inform you of the need to pause our session and mute the laptop or phone. Of course this could happen in a face to face setting but it is something that I have become more aware of whilst working from home. Equally, it is important that you have a safe, confidential space at your end too and if you are unexpectedly disturbed, I am happy to wait.


I offer face to face, online and telephone supervision in much the same way as I provide counselling.
Although I have my own preferred ways of developing my practice, I am very open to hearing about how you use supervision.
My fees are £50 per 1 hour session, £70 for 1 1/2 hour session.


Training and consultation services

I very much enjoy training and working with groups. I can offer classroom and online training and consultation services.

New for 2023 - "Create" a self-development group for counsellors.

Are you a counsellor wanting to get back to face to face CPD?

This group will use creativity and imagination to explore and develop self-awareness through experiential exercises and activities.

This group will run one Friday per month for a total of 10 days over the year.

My services: Services
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